Flygge Restaurant– Nordic Kitchen

Located directly on the Kiel Fjord, Britta Künzl and Mathias Apelt open their restaurant Flygge. The concept: seasonal, regional, pure and honest. Of course, this should also be reflected in the interior.


Reduced to the essentials, without many frills. Taste has top priority at Flygge. Mainly regional products are served, mostly from small farms with a natural approach. The common philosophy is that it must be seasonal, regional, pure and honest, and the same goes for the interior. The design of the room follows the approach of the kitchen and so clear shapes meet honest materials, natural shades of colour meet rich textures. A large window front stretches along the guest room and reveals the view over the water. The architecture of the room determines the basic open layout - from every seat, the unobstructed view of the fjord can be enjoyed in an uncomplicated, cosy atmosphere.


Simple construction and minimal use of materials


Right at the beginning of each project, we evaluate which elements of the space can remain or be modified to integrate them into the new concept. For the FLYGGE restaurant for example we decided on varnishing a tiled wall in the entrance area and give the old counter a fresh look by adding new panelling to the front.


All the built-in elements share the same approach: simple and honest construction with minimal use of materials. The choice of solid core materials, such as black Valchromat and linoleum, saved several production steps.


The chairs by Danish label TAKT were the perfect choice not only because of their classically honest design - each furniture part can be repaired or replaced if necessary.


Versatile cosiness


Just like huge mobiles, the expansive luminaires bathe the room in a cosy light. Their warm glow can be seen far down to the water front. Their free hanging together with the flexible furnishing allow the room to be adapted to different requirements. The long two-piece oak bench with its sculptural backrest can be arranged freely in the room or pulled apart to form two benches.


High material quality and precise craftsmanship

The round oak tables are from German label Stattmann Furniture. The black linoleum tables are custom-made by a carpentry workshop in Kiel. The long table made of solid oak planks by the same workshop, easily seats ten people. Each of these pieces of furniture will age gracefully over the years.


Chef's Table - Dinner with kitchen view


Right next to the open kitchen is the Chef's Table. In an intimate atmosphere, you can watch the food being prepared. The floor-to-ceiling shelf serves as a room divider to the rest of the dining room and houses seasonal products for you to take home.


Different shades of green and materials such as solid oak wood, linoleum, wool fabrics and sisal characterise the room. Each material is of natural origin and is allowed to change over the years.