Office Design

For Hamburg-based digital agency Beyond.One, we developed a holistic office concept that focuses on collaborative areas and increasingly transforms the office into a place for meeting, exchanging ideas and co-creation.


For the digital agency, the physical office location with real human encounters is playing an increasingly important role. After a period of working from home, the new premises were designed to encourage people to return to the office. We therefore developed a holistic spatial concept that prioritises the theme of 'New Work' and focuses on the communal areas. The result is a modern, minimalist interior that reflects the company's identity.


Four guiding principles developed four core propositions as a basis for their work, which were our starting point for designing the space. With 'Stick to the grid' as the first premise, we brought structure and linearity to the floor plan and bespoke furniture. A clear and minimalist design language and visible structural details were derived from the guiding principle of 'keep it simple'.


"Think outside the box" is the guiding principle behind flexible spaces and modular furniture. And last but not least, "From tech to tactile". Haptic, textured materials and textiles provide a counterbalance to the highly digitalised nature of everyday working life.