01 Private Kitchen


Custom kitchen design for a private client in Hamburg Winterhude. Lots of storage for a tiny space - a typical "Hamburger Altbau".⁠ Our material and colour concept creates a clean look full of straight lines and graphic structures.


02 Kurt König


We are currently working on an exciting new architectural project. A shop where you can soon rent all kinds of construction machinery and equipment - from hammer to bulldozer.⁠


03 Practice Norderstedt


The general medical practice Berliner Allee in Hamburg Norderstedt focuses on health prevention, nutritional medicine and naturopathy. We are developing an interior concept for the practice rooms that reflects the holistic approach of the two doctors and their team.


04 Office Design


Design planning for a Hamburg-based film production agency. In light of the current situation, our workspaces (at home or anywhere else) are gaining more importance than ever. Creating bespoke office spaces to fit every need, is what we truly love.⁠


05 Showroom


Interior concept for the showroom of an organic skincare label. The Hamburg-based brand stands for organic skincare in its purest form - for transparency, freshness and highest quality.
For the showroom we translated the brand philosophy into the room.